Horizontal Spindle Rotary Surface Grinding Machine

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Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinding Machine

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Horizontal Spindle Rotary Surface Grinding Machine

CRG - H6

The CRG-H6 is designed for precision grinding of parts up to 600mm in diameter. It is able to quickly effectively remove stock from a variety of materials including steel, ceramic, silicone and cast iron. Capable of holding flatness and parallelism to +/- 0.005mm. Work-pieces can be clamped centered or multiple parts can be ground positioned off center. Due to the rotating table, the grinding wheel is almost continuously in contact with the workpiece, resulting in higher productivity compared with standard surface grinding due to the elimination of the continuous table reversals.

Product Feature      
  • High precision rotary table and wheel spindle

  • Automatic lubrication

  • Easy to operate machine control with LCD monitor

  • Auto dressing & compensating

  • Y and Z axis equipped with variable speed AC-servo motor and ball screw

  • The program and graphs can be developed by the requests from customers

  • Electronic hand wheel for Y and Z axis with pre-selectable resolution (0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001 mm)
Product Specifications      
  Item Unit CRG - H6
Capacity Diameter of rotary table mm Ø600
Load of rotary table kg 250
Distance from center of spindle
to chuck top
mm 390
Table Speed of rotary table rpm 10 ~ 160
Tilt angle of table angle ±3°
Motor kw 1.5
Spindle Grinding wheel size (OD x W x ID) mm Ø355x38xØ127
Speed of wheel spindle rpm 1750 ( 60hz )
Motor kw 7.5
Z - axis Travel mm 400
Feed rate mm/min 0~750
Motor kw AC servo 0.75
Y - axis Travel mm 270
Feed rate mm/min 0~300
Motor kw AC servo 0.4
Machine Floor space ( L x W ) mm 2000x1500
Height mm 2100
Weight kg 3200
Standard Accessories      
  Electromagnetic chuck
Grinding wheel
Wheel flange
Flange extractor
Wheel balancing arbor
Wheel balancing table
Diamond dresser with base
Working lamp
Tool box with tools
  x 1
x 1
x 1
x 1
x 1
x 1
x 1
x 1
x 1
Optional Accessories      
  Coolant System With Magnetic Separator
Coolant System With paper filter
Coolant System With magnetic separator & paper filter
Inverter of wheel spindle